DAY #11 – The Law of Meditation

by on January 11, 2020

You Can Have An Amazing Life BookWelcome to Day #11 of our “You Can Have An Amazing Life In Just 60 Days!” book group.

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To review, how each day will work is:

  1. Read the “Law” for the day
  2. Read the law’s “Words of Power”
  3. Repeat them 7 times.
  4. Create your own “My Words of Power”
  5. Repeat them 7 times.
  6. Take a few moments to reflect on the day
  7. Record any insights that come to you

Ok, let’s get started …

First, get out your “Amazing Life” book and read the chapter “Week 2 – Day 4 –  The Law of  Meditation.”

The “Law of Meditation”  states that when you consciously direct your mind through meditation, the ideas that are inspiring to you become a part of your daily life. When you become that “present” with your ideas and inspirations, you attract the things that will help you make that a reality.

There are two components of this law – passive meditation and active meditation. Passive meditation is maintaining your quiet state of gratitude for at least five minutes. As you receive inspiration messages, jot them down in a notebook.

Once you have received an inspiring message, this moves you to the active phase of meditation. In the active phase, you want to take your new concept and concentrate on it, focus on it, and become completely present with it. Imagine yourself creating that inspiration into reality!

From passive reception to active creation, this law helps make your most inspiring dreams come true. So practice often!

Let’s practice by reading today’s “Words of Power” out loud 7 times ….

“Law of Meditation” Words of Power

  • I love to meditate daily.
  • My meditation brings inspiration to my daily life.
  • My meditation adds to my power and fulfills my purpose.
  • My meditation brings action to my purpose and purpose to my action.
  • My meditation fills me with the power of presence.
  • Through meditation, I open my heart to live the inspiring life of my dreams.
  • Through meditation, my life increases in clarity and gratitude.
  • Through meditation, I focus on ever-finer detail, and my dreams manifest.

Next, create your personal “My Words of Power” using your own language and any phrases from the day that inspire you. Write them in your book and then read them out loud 7 times…

Finally, reflect upon the question, “How can I Use the Law of Meditation today to fulfill my life’s purpose, dreams, and objectives?” Record any insights that come to you in your book.

Congratulations, you are one step closer to living that amazing life that you deserve!

See you tomorrow …

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