DAY #18 – The Law of Self-Mastery

by on January 18, 2020

You Can Have An Amazing Life BookWelcome to Day #18 of our “You Can Have An Amazing Life In Just 60 Days!” book group.

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To review, how each day will work is:

  1. Read the “Law” for the day
  2. Read the law’s “Words of Power”
  3. Repeat them 7 times.
  4. Create your own “My Words of Power”
  5. Repeat them 7 times.
  6. Take a few moments to reflect on the day
  7. Record any insights that come to you

Ok, let’s get started …

First, get out your “Amazing Life” book and read the chapter “Week 3 – Day 4 –  The Law of  Self-Mastery.”

The “Law of Self-Mastery”  states

Let’s practice by reading today’s “Words of Power” out loud 7 times ….

“Law of Self-Mastery” Words of Power

  • I am a master and student of persistence. I do what it takes.
  • I embrace all aspects of my life and maintain my vision and focus.
  • I take the time to focus myself daily, to see and hear my mission.
  • I daily plant in my mind the seeds of growth that I want in my life.
  • My vision and my mission manifest as I see them clearly.
  • I embrace the positive and the negative in the pursuit of my purpose.
  • I daily hold the image of how I would love my life to be.
  • The universe conspires to help me manifest my dream.

Next, create your personal “My Words of Power” using your own language and any phrases from the day that inspire you. Write them in your book and then read them out loud 7 times…

Finally, reflect upon the question, “How can I Use the Law of Self-Mastery today to fulfill my life’s purpose, dreams, and objectives?” Record any insights that come to you in your book.

Congratulations, you are one step closer to living that amazing life that you deserve!

See you tomorrow …

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