DAY #53 – The Law of Quality

by on February 22, 2020

You Can Have An Amazing Life BookWelcome to Day #12 of our “You Can Have An Amazing Life In Just 60 Days!” book group.

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To review, how each day will work is:

  1. Read the “Law” for the day
  2. Read the law’s “Words of Power”
  3. Repeat them 7 times.
  4. Create your own “My Words of Power”
  5. Repeat them 7 times.
  6. Take a few moments to reflect on the day
  7. Record any insights that come to you

Ok, let’s get started …

First, get out your “Amazing Life” book and read the chapter “Week 2 – Day 5 –  The Law of  Poise.”

The “Law of Poise”  states that if you don’t have poise, you become emotionally off-center. Poise is a stable, balanced state of equilibrium.

When you see more positives than negatives or more negatives than positives, then you become consumed and distracted by your distorted point of view. Since every event has a balance and is neutral in its totality, when you aren’t seeing both sides, you are out of balance..

Poise is healing and magnetic. It’s a centering process that keeps you focused and helps you avoid distractions. Your dreams are that much closer the more you follow the Law of Poise.

Let’s practice by reading today’s “Words of Power” out loud 7 times ….

“Law of Poise” Words of Power

  • I embrace my life’s positives and negatives equally, as two sides of a whole, and remain balanced and poised.
  • My heart opens in gratitude for life’s balanced lessons in love.
  • All that happens today serves me and serves others, regardless of polarity.
  • I’m grateful for the balance of positive and negative in my life.
  • Inside every terrible is a terrific. Inside every terrific is a terrible. Both make up love.
  • I am poised and present and see the balance.

Next, create your personal “My Words of Power” using your own language and any phrases from the day that inspire you. Write them in your book and then read them out loud 7 times…

Finally, reflect upon the question, “How can I Use the Law of Poise today to fulfill my life’s purpose, dreams, and objectives?” Record any insights that come to you in your book.

Congratulations, you are one step closer to living that amazing life that you deserve!

See you tomorrow …

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