Antonio Brown catches deep ball from Russell Wilson in new video

Every month or so, former Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown likes to remind the world he still exists by posting a video of himself working out with one of his NFL friends. He seems to want everyone to know that he’s still in good shape and that other NFL players want to work with him, probably because he hasn’t appeared in an NFL game in almost 10 months.

Brown’s latest reminder features everyone’s favorite Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. In the video Brown posted to Instagram Wednesday night, we see Wilson for just a moment, but he launches a deep ball that Brown has no trouble tracking down.

Brown and Wilson working out is the perfect accompaniment to the rumor that surfaced back in May that Wilson wanted the Seahawks to sign Brown. Considering that the video caption reads “Who would like to see this on Sundays?”, Brown seems all too aware of that.

Wilson is just the latest in a string of well-known NFL players that Brown has filmed himself working out with. He’s done it with Washington Redskins QB Dwayne Haskins and Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs. He’s done it with Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson. He’s done it with Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Diontae Johnson. And now with Wilson.

Antonio Brown wants you to know that he’s still in great shape and famous NFL players want to work with him. (Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for MAXIM)


Brown appears to be in good shape, and he obviously still has a lot of friends in the NFL who are willing to work out with him, and maybe even advocate for him. But the NFL investigation into his sexual assault and rape charges is still ongoing — an investigation that includes intimidating text messages he apparently sent to a different woman who was allegedly the target of Brown’s unwanted advances.

The investigation remains the major barrier between Brown and a new NFL contract, and continued questions about his mental wellbeing are also contributing to that. With COVID-19 threatening to impact the NFL season beyond just the absence of fans, completing Brown’s investigation is likely pretty far down on commissioner Roger Goodell’s to-do list.

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