Bradley Chubb may be on a snap count in opener

Broncos linebacker Bradley Chubb didn’t practice last week, but it doesn’t look like his availability for the season opener against the Titans is in question.

Chubb is coming back from last season’s torn ACL, which accounts for the cautious approach to practices last week but head coach Vic Fangio expects him to work in this week’s sessions. How he does in those practices will likely help determine whether Fangio keeps him on a snap count against the Titans next Monday night.

“He may be on one,” Fangio said, via “He may not be. We’re going to see how he does. He’s not 100 percent yet. There’s a lot to overcome when you’re dealing with an ACL injury that he’s had, particularly the position he plays where he’s leaning on people a lot and taking on the offensive linemen. It could be a pitch count, but I don’t think it’s a conditioning pitch count. We’ll just see how it goes.”

Chubb had 12 sacks as a rookie and getting him back to form across from Von Miller would be a welcome development for the Broncos Defense.

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