Tampa mayor jokes about renaming city after Tom Brady

Plenty was already on the line in a Super Bowl between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, and one side’s mayor (jokingly) upped the ante on Wednesday.

Tampa mayor Jane Castor playfully offered to change her city’s name to “Tompa Bay” should Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers become the first team to ever win a Super Bowl in their own city, in an interview with ESPN’s Jenna Laine:

“I told him, we are not discussing changing our city’s name until he brings home that Lombardi Trophy. So Tom and I will have that discussion in due time,” Castor said. “Yes, we will talk about that, changing ‘Tampa,’ since we are becoming a title town, to ‘Tompa Bay.’ We’ll have those discussions.”

Joking aside, Castor did promise there would be a “Tom Brady Day” if the Bucs win on Sunday.

Castor’s “offer” echoes what she told Brady in an open letter after the quarterback got cited for attempting to work out in a park during COVID-19 lockdown, though she appears to have swapped city nicknames:

“Tom, it’s Tampa Bay. Not Tampa Brady. You win us a Super Bowl and we’ll discuss Tampa Brady.”

At least she’s consistent.

Castor also reportedly said she’d be open to allowing Buccaneers linebacker Devin White to ride his horse “Dream” inside Raymond James Stadium, something he apparently wants to do. With every win, it’s clear the Bucs’ political power is increasing.

Tompa Bay, Florida. The odds of it happening are not zero. (AP Photo/Matt Ludtke)

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