2021 NFL Draft order: Updated list, tracker for all seven rounds and 259 picks

The first round of the 2021 NFL Draft is in the books and now it’s time to look ahead to Day 2. There are plenty of great players available for the second and third rounds after there were some big surprises in Round 1. Before long, 259 different players will officially be welcomed to the NFL as part of this year’s rookie class. Some will be big names — perhaps quarterbacks — taken within the first few minutes of action. Some will be future underdog stories — late-round gambles that turned out to be diamonds in the rough. But all will represent hopeful days ahead, for both their own careers and their new teams.

What’s the exact order of those 259 picks? We’re glad you asked. Below, you’ll find a complete rundown of every single pick, round by round, slated for the 2021 draft, including compensatory selections and picks previously swapped via trade.

Note: The Patriots, Raiders and Saints all forfeited single draft picks as a result of NFL discipline. New England surrendered a third-round pick for its alleged illegal filming of an opponent’s 2019 game, while the Raiders and Saints surrendered sixth-round picks as a result of COVID-19 protocol violations in 2020.

Follow along on our Draft Tracker.

Round 1 Jacksonville JaguarsNew York JetsSan Francisco 49ers (from Miami via Houston)Atlanta FalconsCincinnati BengalsMiami Dolphins (from Philadelphia)Detroit LionsCarolina PanthersDenver BroncosPhiladelphia Eagles (from Dallas)Chicago Bears (from N.Y. Giants)Dallas Cowboys (from Philadelphia via Miami via San Francisco)Los Angeles ChargersMinnesota VikingsNew England PatriotsArizona CardinalsLas Vegas RaidersMiami DolphinsWashington Football TeamChicago BearsIndianapolis ColtsTennessee TitansNew York Jets (from Seattle)Pittsburgh SteelersJacksonville Jaguars (from Rams)Cleveland BrownsBaltimore RavensNew Orleans SaintsGreen Bay PackersBuffalo BillsBaltimore Ravens (from Kansas City)Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Round 2

33. Jacksonville Jaguars34. New York Jets35. Atlanta Falcons36. Miami Dolphins (from Houston)37. Philadelphia Eagles38. Cincinnati Bengals39. Carolina Panthers40. Denver Broncos41. Detroit Lions42. New York Giants43. San Francisco 49ers44. Dallas Cowboys45. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Minnesota)46. New England Patriots47. Los Angeles Chargers48. Las Vegas Raiders49. Arizona Cardinals50. Miami Dolphins51. Washington Football Team52. Chicago Bears53. Tennessee Titans54. Indianapolis Colts55. Pittsburgh Steelers56. Seattle Seahawks57. Los Angeles Rams58. Kansas City Chiefs (from Baltimore)59. Cleveland Browns60. New Orleans Saints61. Buffalo Bills62. Green Bay Packers63. Kansas City Chiefs64. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Round 3

65. Jacksonville Jaguars66. Minnesota Vikings (from New York Jets)67. Houston Texans68. Atlanta Falcons69. Cincinnati Bengals70. Philadelphia Eagles71. Denver Broncos72. Detroit Lions73. Carolina Panthers74. Washington Football Team (from San Francisco)75. Dallas Cowboys76. New York Giants77. Los Angeles Chargers78. Minnesota Vikings79. Las Vegas Raiders (from Arizona)80. Las Vegas Raiders81. Miami Dolphins82. Washington Football Team83. Chicago Bears84. Dallas Cowboys (from Philadelphia via Indianapolis)85. Tennessee Titans86. Minnesota Vikings (from New York Jets via Seattle)87. Pittsburgh Steelers88. Los Angeles Rams89. Cleveland Browns90. Minnesota Vikings (from Baltimore)91. Cleveland Browns (from New Orleans)92. Green Bay Packers93. Buffalo Bills94. Baltimore Ravens (from Kansas City)95. Tampa Bay Buccaneers96. New England Patriots97. Los Angeles Chargers98. New Orleans Saints99. Dallas Cowboys100. Tennessee Titans101. Detroit Lions (from Rams)102. San Francisco 49ers103. Los Angles Rams104. Baltimore Ravens105. New Orleans Saints

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Round 4

106. Jacksonville Jaguars107. New York Jets108. Atlanta Falcons109. Houston Texans110. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia)111. Cincinnati Bengals112. Detroit Lions113. Carolina Panthers114. Denver Broncos115. Dallas Cowboys116. New York Giants117. San Francisco 49ers118. Los Angeles Chargers119. Minnesota Vikings120. New England Patriots121. Las Vegas Raiders122. New England Patriots (from Arizona via Houston)123. Philadelphia Eagles (from Miami)124. Washington Football Team125. Minnesota Vikings (from Chicago)126. Tennessee Titans127. Indianapolis Colts128. Pittsburgh Steelers129. Seattle Seahawks130. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Rams)131. Baltimore Ravens132. Cleveland Browns133. New Orleans Saints134. Minnesota Vikings (from Buffalo)135. Green Bay Packers136. Baltimore Ravens (from Kansas City)137. Tampa Bay Buccaneers138. Dallas Cowboys139. New England Patriots140. Pittsburgh Steelers141. Los Angeles Rams142. Green Bay Packers143. Minnesota Vikings144. Kansas City Chiefs

Round 5

145. Jacksonville Jaguars146. New York Jets147. Houston Texans148. Atlanta Falcons149. Cincinnati Bengals150. Philadelphia Eagles151. Carolina Panthers152. Denver Broncos153. Detroit Lions154. New York Jets (from Giants)155. San Francisco 49ers156. Dallas Cowboys (from Philadelphia)157. Minnesota Vikings158. Houston Texans (from New England)159. Los Angeles Chargers160. Arizona Cardinals161. Buffalo Bills (from Las Vegas)162. Las Vegas Raiders (from Miami)163. Washington Football Team164. New York Giants (from Chicago)165. Indianapolis Colts166. Tennessee Titans167. Las Vegas Raiders (from Seattle)168. Minnesota Vikings (from Pittsburgh via Baltimore)169. Cleveland Browns (from Rams)170. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Cleveland)171. Baltimore Ravens172. San Francisco 49ers (from New Orleans)173. Green Bay Packers174. Buffalo Bills175. Kansas City Chiefs176. Tampa Bay Buccaneers177. New England Patriots178. Green Bay Packers179. Dallas Cowboys180. San Francisco 49ers181. Kansas City Chiefs182. Atlanta Falcons183. Atlanta Falcons184. Baltimore Ravens

Round 6

185. Los Angeles Chargers (from Jacksonville via Tennessee)186. New York Jets187. Atlanta Falcons188. New England Patriots (from Houston)189. Philadelphia Eagles190. Cincinnati Bengals191. Carolina Panthers (from Denver)192. Dallas Cowboys (from Detroit)193. Carolina Panthers194. San Francisco 49ers195. Houston Texans (from Dallas via New England)196. New York Giants197. New England Patriots198. Los Angeles Chargers199. Minnesota Vikings200. Las Vegas Raiders201. New York Giants (from Arizona)202. Cincinnati Bengals (from Miami via Houston)203. Houston Texans (from Washington via Las Vegas and Miami)204. Chicago Bears205. Tennessee Titans206. Indianapolis Colts207. Kansas City Chiefs (from Pittsburgh via Miami)208. Chicago Bears (from Seattle via Miami)209. Los Angeles Rams210. Baltimore Ravens211. Cleveland Browns212. Houston Texans (from New Orleans)213. Buffalo Bills214. Green Bay Packers215. Tennessee Titans (from Kansas City)216. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Tampa Bay)217. Tampa Bay Buccaneers218. New Orleans Saints219. Atlanta Falcons220. Green Bay Packers221. Chicago Bears222. Carolina Panthers223. Arizona Cardinals224. Philadelphia Eagles225. Philadelphia Eagles226. New York Jets227. Dallas Cowboys228. Chicago Bears

Round 7

229. New Orleans Saints (from Jacksonville)230. San Francisco 49ers (from Jets)231. Miami Dolphins (from Houston)232. Tennessee Titans (from Atlanta via Miami)233. Houston Texans (from Cincinnati)234. Philadelphia Eagles235. Cincinnati Bengals (from Detroit via Seattle)236. Buffalo Bills (from Carolina)237. Denver Broncos238. Dallas Cowboys239. Denver Broncos (from New York Giants)240. Philadelphia Eagles (from San Francisco)241. Los Angeles Chargers242. New England Patriots243. Arizona Cardinals244. Miami Dolphins (from Washington Football Team via Las Vegas)245. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Miami)246. Washington Football Team247. Arizona Cardinals (from Las Vegas through Chicago)248. Indianapolis Colts249. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Tennessee)250. Seattle Seahawks251. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Pittsburgh)252. Los Angeles Rams253. Denver Broncos (from Cleveland)254. Pittsburgh Steelers (from Baltimore)255. New Orleans Saints256. Green Bay Packers257. Cleveland Browns (from Buffalo)258. Washington Football Team (from Miami Dolphins via Kansas City)259. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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