How To Get Off An Annoying Phone Call

by on January 20, 2012

How To Get Off An Annoying Phone CallNeed to get off an annoying phone call?

Is a relative, co-worker, telemarketer or ex talking your ear off? Use one of the free downloadable clips at to plan your escape.

This very useful site with dozens of reasons for you to end your painful phone call. You can choose from options in several categories such as “At the Office”, “At Home”, “Phone Company Recordings”, “Answering Machine messages” and more.

You can download these short soundclips and play them on your computer Рhave dogs barking, the baby crying, street noise, airport noise,  telephone operator messages, answering machine messages and many other options to play to give you an excuse for a quick exit from that annoying phone call.

My favorite one is called “The other line is ringing” and it is found in the category called “I’m at home Part 2” – always a great excuse to get off of one annoying phone call if you have to answer another phone call!

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