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by on January 22, 2012

Tweetsheet Twitter Statistics Example PictureDo you tweet? If you use Twitter it can be confusing to determine information about your Twitter account. Vizify’s TweetSheet showcases revealing details from your tweetstream, including: top followers, geographic impact, most-retweeted posts, and more.

TweetSheet is a free tool that lets you create a graph of your Twitter activity.  TweetSheet is quite an interesting application if you want to quickly see how many tweets do you publish monthly, and how many of them get retweeted. Other basic Twitter analytics, like, most popular tweets, and followers that retweet the most are also useful.

The first part of my Tweetsheet (shown above) displays a bar graph of my number of tweets and retweets displayed by month.

The second part of my Tweetsheet (shown below) displays a bunch of additional information such as your most-retweeted posts, where your retweets are coming from geographically, your best followers and your favorite themes (shown like a tag cloud).

Tweetsheet Twitter Statistics Example Picture

Tweetsheet is an easy to use web-based application that does not requires any sign-up. It uses oAuth authentication to get your statistics from Twitter.

TweetSheet is very easy to use. Just go to TweetSheet, and click on the  “Get Your Own” button. It will ask you for your authorization to access your Twitter account. Once you do that, TweetSheet will take a few seconds to gather your Twitter statistics, and will produce a nice graph of your Twitter activity right on your screen.  You can even send a tweet of your statistics out to your Twitter followers.


Click Here To Access Tweetsheet

Update: This website has been taken down. (11/2017)


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