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by on May 16, 2016

video-spinn-boxAttention Video Marketers!

Creating videos can be slow and time consuming but rockstars Anthony Aires and Pat Flanagan have just introduced the tool to solve that problem.

It is called Video Spinn and with just a few clicks of the mouse you can have up to 100 unique videos created in an instant.

Video Spinn is a desktop app that works on both PC’s and Mac’s. It is easy to install – you’ll be creating videos in no time! No technical knowledge is required!

This amazing tool then creates slideshow videos using folders of images and/or video clips. You define the intro and call-to-action slides at the beginning and end. The app then randomizes the rest of your content and create the number of videos you request.

Video Spinn also does a lot of the SEO for you – tell it your keywords and it will create and name a video for each one! You simply enter the folder where you content is, how many videos you want, how long each image should be displayed and what transitions you would like. That’s it – then tell Video Spinn where to find your audio file and where your watermark is, if you want to include one, and finally click the SPIN button.

Give it a couple minutes and then bingo all of your videos are created and placed in the folder of your choice. Easy peasy. Just upload them to YouTube, add your title and description, and put them to work for you 24/7 sending traffic to your site! Hundreds of little “salespeople” working for you behind the scenes promoting your product or service. What could be better than that?

Watch this video where Anthony walks his father-in-law through making his first video ever. Bingo – video produced in minutes – even with no experience.

Looks great huh? Click here for more info on Video Spinn.

Here are the bonuses you’ll receive from me when you choose to purchase through my link. Your bonuses are delivered automatically with your purchase!

BONUS #1 – 10 Bonus Music Tracksvideo-spinn-10-bonus-music-tracks

A collection of 10 different audio tracks for you to use in your videos.  I like “Cruising By The Beach” and “Old Timers” the best!

video-spinn-bonus-views-firestarter-boxBONUS #2 – Views Firestarter

How to get the best views on YouTube for only a penny. Google actually approves of and likes these views so have no fear – bring the views on! This is way better than a Fiverr gig! Real, legitimate views are extremely important for ranking, and these are not the views that come from “robots.”

BONUS #3 – High Ticket Client Cold Call Killervideo-spinn-bonus-high-ticket-client-cold-call-killer

This bonus teaches you everything you need to know to land all the high ticket clients you desire without ever having to pick up the phone. In fact, prospects will actually be calling you begging you to work with them!

video-spinn-bonus-continue-video-ranking-dominationBONUS #4 – Continue Video Ranking Domination

Video course on keeping your videos ranking. You’ll never have to worry about a Google update again. Keep your videos on the first page of Google and YouTube without worry or sleepless nights!


 Click Here To Access Video Spinn

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