What Self-Limiting Beliefs Are Holding You Back?

by on August 29, 2012

Self-Limiting-Beliefs-Hold-You-BackHave you ever said “I’m not a computer person.” or “I’m not a salesperson.” ? Or what about “I’m not good enough to …” or even “I don’t deserve to …

Well that is a Self-Limiting belief and it will keep you from achieving your goals every time!

What Self-Limiting beliefs do you tell yourself? They are holding you back so get rid of them!

By saying statements like that you are actually telling your subconscious mind that you can’t do it and will not even be open to learning how to do it!

…It’s like having your foot on the break when trying to drive.  Yes you want to get to the destination but uncontentious have your foot on the break!

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Update: This website has been taken down. (11/2017)


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