Your Thoughts Create Your Future

by on October 10, 2015


Your beliefs become your thoughts.
Your thoughts become your words.
Your words become your actions.
Your actions become your habits.
Your habits become your values.
Your values become your destiny.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Your thoughts are extremely important! Did you know that you have approximately 3000 thoughts every hour? That is almost one thought per second. No wonder they are so powerful, we have a lot of them!

Gandhi describes it best. What you think about you begin to talk about. Then as you continue to talk about something you begin to act on it. Any act you perform over and over becomes a habit. Your habits eventually determine your values, or what you place a priority on. And what you make a priority becomes your destiny.

Wow, when you look at that progression and really take that in, you will naturally begin to take more care with what you are thinking!

The saying “think positive thoughts” may sound kind of simple and ridiculous. But, when you really “think” about it, you are creating your destiny with the thoughts you think each day.

So how do you think positive thoughts when situations and circumstances seem to be negative and difficult?

One way I use to stay as positive as I can in my thoughts is a way of thinking I learned from Dr. John Demartini. He is a leading authority on human behavior and personal development whom I have followed and learned from for many years.

Dr. Demartini says that EVERY situation has both positive and negative sides to it. So, when things get tough, try to think about the positives in the situation however remote they may seem to you at the time.

Here is a simple example.

Say you sit down at your computer to peruse Facebook or get that report done or finish a project whose deadline is looming, and your internet goes down. It can be frustrating for sure, but instead of cussing out your ISP or blaming the “bad” weather or even thinking “geez, why does this always happen when I want to use the internet”, try looking at what is positive in the situation.

For example, now you have some time play with the kids, or go read a book or take a walk. Maybe if you do one of those things, when the internet does come back on, you’ll breeze through that report or easily finish your project before the deadline, or come across an old friend who happens to have just posted something on Facebook.

You never know how things will work out, but thinking of the positive side of a perceived negative situation will always make you feel better and if you do it enough, it could just change your destiny for the better!

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